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semen spermjizm remaining in a tart's slut cunt pussysnatch from a previous sexual encounter
there's nothing worse than parting her flaps and finding someone else's cunt butter already there
by Sheepshagger July 04, 2006
a sexual practice peculiar to Australians whereby the male mounts his wife doggy-style, holds firmly to her tits then tells her that her sister has a much tighter cunt. The male must then hold on for dear life as wife furiously tries to buck him off. Said to be one of the most exhilarating forms of sexual intercourse possible.
Jack: How come you're walking funny?
Bob: The missus gave me a tasmania bullride last night and I think she's buggered my back.
by Sheepshagger July 17, 2006
for a woman, to be in such a state of sexual excitement, that her twat is leaking
Britney was so hot for me she was fizzing at the bung, man.
by Sheepshagger July 17, 2006
a person who derives sexual pleasure from sticking his tool cock penis plonker in someone else's anus, arsehole mud button usually a homosexual elton john
don't drop the soap near that fucker, he's a certified mud nudger
by Sheepshagger July 04, 2006
a woman who looks good enough to fuck only after one has consumed three jugs of beer, or approximately four-and-a-half litres
Britney is a three jugger, I wouldn't fuck her with your cock
by Sheepshagger July 17, 2006
Aussie rhyming slang for fat, as in erection. A larrikin is a lovable hooligan; a hat is something worn on the head.
Trevor: Jeeze, I get a larrikin's hat just thinking about Britney pissing on me.
by Sheepshagger July 26, 2006
a condition common to female porn actresses caused by excessive mouth-to-dildo interplay
Britney took up singing for a career after chip teeth forced her out of porn
by Sheepshagger July 17, 2006

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