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That certain recursive entity resulting from the corruption and collusion that merges government agencies and media entities into a single, self-sustaining, propaganda machine.

A Governmedia purports to be two separate, law-abiding entities when it is, in reality, a single lawless, two-faced beast.

The first face is the "trusted" news anchor face that leverages its perceived neutrality and credibility to persuade and mislead the general public into believing the other face: the officially authorized government liar face that consorts with the first face because it spent all of its own credibility on scandals, deceptions, deceit and duplicity.

Governmedia's effectively demonize national undesirables, foreign nations and their leaders, generate wealth for their own nation's elite and gradually morph democracies into fascist regimes.
If you didn't already know, the confirmation that the US is ruled by a Governmedia came when Tony Snow "left" Fox News and became the White House press secretary.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez September 27, 2007
The uncomfortable (or even tense) terms upon which two parties co-exist when circumstances, rather than choice, either force them together, prevent them from separating or both.
That's my next-door neighbor. When the power went out after the '04 hurricane we had tolerationship for a few days because I had a barbeque grill and she had a generator.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez September 27, 2007
Any anatomical feature so outstanding (be it for size, attractiveness or freakishness) that it commands one's attention at first glance and is difficult to not notice, double-take, stare-at or rubber-neck.
Woman: "What are you staring at?"
Man: "Come on; don't act like you don't know you're harboring eye magnets! You look like you're smuggling twins on the black market"
Woman: "Jerk."
Man: "Maybe later."
by Shandooga McGluckfeez November 03, 2010
A tall and/or exceedingly slender woman with no hips, a flat buttocks and large, protruding breasts. Grapefruit may be substituted for any fruit that grows on a tree but which more closely approximates the size of the breasts at hand (pun intended).
Man 1: What do you think of Angelina Jolie?

Man 2: Well, her lips make her look like she's trying to swallow a pair of boxing gloves and the rest just looks like someone trained a grapefruit tree to walk.

Man 1: Harsh.

Man 2: That's how I roll.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez November 03, 2010
An outstandingly attractive pair of breasts.
Guy 1: So what do you think of the new girl?

Guy 2: She's got quite a set on her.

Guy 1: Agreed, to say they're racktacular would be putting it mildly.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez September 07, 2009
A nose so large that it would appear to serve a dual function as both respiration orifice and a handle for carrying the head to which it is attached.
Guy 1: "Did ya get a look at her?"
Guy 2: "Her body is working but her face is unemployed."
Guy 1: "What do you mean?"
Guy 2: "How did you miss the schnoz on that dame? It's less a nose and more a headhandle. I almost ducked when she turned around."
by Shandooga McGluckfeez May 13, 2009
Preparing a meal poorly or generally lacking skill in the culinary arts.
Our courtship was ended by an egregious act of malcookage. Never before has chicken more closely resembled furniture.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez September 03, 2011
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