The most amazing girl in the world. Her apperence will blow you mind. She loves to dance. Also a sexual goddess. But she normally dates stupid guys. but her really lover is normally a close friend.
Damn, that girl can dance like Jolie.
by EmergencyExit August 30, 2011
Jolie is the most amazing girl in the world. She is very pretty and knows how to handle tough situations. She is an awesome lover. She is also great with kids and loves everybody. When She likes someone she likes them for awhile and is loyal to him. She loves dancing. She loves animals. She is Amazing
person 1: Is that Jolie
person 2: Yeah thats her
person 1: *boner*
person 2: *another boner*
by Sj April 03, 2013
1- To take a break from the week and go out on Wednesday to party all night long, till the sun comes back up, surrounded with awesome people, great artists and DJs, playing cool games and enjoying a couple of drinks.
2- Going to the most awesome LGBT party in Buenos Aires: Fiesta Jolie, the party that added a Wednesday to your week
1- —Oh my, I feel like partying all night and it’s only Wednesday.

—Are you kidding me? Let’s go jolie!
2- —What are you doing tonight guys? Feel like grabbing a beer at a cool place to meet some people. Or maybe grab a slice and a drink, or go partying?

—In a nutshell, you wanna go jolie!
by TinchoMC March 02, 2015

Language of origin: Hollywood

To become romantically linked with a person who is already in a relationship resulting in the demise of their relationship
Fenton: Oh I love Matt but he is totally smitten with his boyfriend Paul.
Eddie: Fenton you aren't going to jolie them are you!
by ItWasn'tMe December 16, 2007
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