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Having a terrific set of milk wagons
That chick is racktacular
by CCUP April 17, 2003
sporting an attractive bustline
Wendy certainly is looking racktacular in that T-shirt.
by Wendy von Bendy August 18, 2009
An outstandingly attractive pair of breasts.
Guy 1: So what do you think of the new girl?

Guy 2: She's got quite a set on her.

Guy 1: Agreed, to say they're racktacular would be putting it mildly.
by Shandooga McGluckfeez September 07, 2009
Extremely attractive breasts. Blend of "spectacular" and "rack." Not necessarily linked to size.
See that girl's rack tits boobscansmelonssweaterpuppiesfun bags at the farmer's market?

Yeah, boy. She was racktacular!
by Pervasive D October 24, 2010