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(Rarely used in this sense) another term for African-American Vernacular English, otherwise known as Ebonics; however, in its truest sense, it is Ebonics so broken and dialectical that even other black people fail to understand what the person is saying.
What the hell is he sayin'? He speakin' Nigganese!
by Shadowulf1 January 25, 2011
To screw somebody over so horribly that they wish they had encountered somewhat less sucky luck, like getting kicked in the balls, or having their fingers broken one by one...
DANG! You just got thunderf*cked! Your ex just keyed your car, threw a brick in the window, flattened the tires, and is having it towed as we speak! You probably shouldn't have slept with her friend, bro...
by Shadowulf1 September 30, 2010
Having such a great number, that it seems paradoxically infinite; seemingly-infinite, although one knows that it is not
Just think about it...with the money we make from this deal, the possibilities are almost-infinite.
by Shadowulf1 September 24, 2010
A male's testicles, when exposed to extreme cold and are useless for anything other than identifying a male as male (if even that).
Man, it's so cold outside, my testicles are turning into test-cicles...
by Shadowulf1 January 25, 2011
seemingly infinite ignorance; the ability to ignore, or be ignorant of seemingly everything in one's environment; EXTREME lack of perception (all three definitions are hyperbolic; true ignorance of everything would mean ya die...)
You're dumb, get over it. EMBRACE your Omninescience...
by Shadowulf1 August 28, 2010
The ability of a person (most commonly a male) to enter a state of sexual arousal and/or sexual climax (i.e. ejaculation) simply by imagining a sexual situation that would normally induce said sexual reaction; when experienced during sleep, also referred to as a nocturnal emission or "wet dream".
WARNING: The typical high school male is prone to fits of psycholagny when within about 10-ft. range of anyone on whom they have a crush, including peers and/or teachers. You have been warned.
by Shadowulf1 February 09, 2011

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