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to really not like something; the opposite of enjoy
"I don't really remember what this band sounds like, but I do remember disenjoying it."
by J-Sin June 06, 2005
To have a previous enjoyment of something removed by a later experience. An occurance of such grotesqueness that all previous enjoyment of the same subject matter is nullified.
I disenjoyed Spiderman 3 so much that I can't even watch the first one now.

Ugh, I totally disenjoyed sleeping with Yolanda after I found out she used to be a man.
by Stuface March 18, 2008
To experience the polar opposite of enjoyment, esp. when one still pretends to enjoy the object of one's disgust.
It's impolite to insult your host's cooking, no matter how much you disenjoy it.
by Shadowulf1 September 15, 2015
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