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me. hardcore punjabi girls who will fuck u up if you mess w/em
that white bitch was talkin shit so that jatti fucked her up.
by sh0rty February 08, 2005
hardcore gangstas that will fuck u up and pop u in a second-dont fuck w/a jatt unless u wanna get fucked up...hardcore jattis get the same respect. no sulas, no pussies, no churas....straight jatt style
that pussy & his homiez was talkin shit so a bunch of jatt boyz jumped his ass
by sh0rty February 08, 2005
a religion made popular by celeberties; red string bracelet is worn to 'ward off evil sprits'; just a fad like the celebs themselves. (ashton kutcher, paris hilton, lindsay lohan) someone should ask paris hilton what the hell she knows about kabala. i'm sure she's very religious. i heard she reads.
if you want to be just like a teeny bopper celeb, wear a red yarn bracelet and you will seem as if you practice kabala. then you will fit in for the time being. until the next fad. like scientology. then call tom cruise.
by sh0rty September 13, 2005
Tactic commonly used by those with no friends, low self-esteem, and large noses; strategy used to lure females by displaying an extreme sense of homosexuality; fashion in which one wears 20 undershirts and a white button shirt, or most commonly any turtleneck
Fred is acting quite strangely to that group of women; it is likely he is attempting to use GMT on them
by Sh0rty March 27, 2003
1) luring girls into a false sense of security by acting feminine around them.
2) one with a very crooked large nose who is associated with a sneak, quisling, faggot, cunt, bitch, woman, pussy, liar, loner
3) a person who also acquires herpes and crabs from faggots in the GMT circle (San Fransico)and spreads the STD's to fellow herpee-ridlled vaginas when there drunk and least expect it...
Gee, that no-good, waste of life, homosexual loner is working GMT on that girl...oh well, working GMT on that girl, who sees his ugliness, doesnt make up for having no friends in high school.
by Sh0rty March 30, 2003
The act of taking your Jewish, uncircumsized penis, dipping it with sandpaper and attempting to lure women with the Guilty Man Trap saying "Oohh My Gaawwwd" while jerking off with your now Sandpaper penis.
I was walking down the road one day when a strange man attempted to pull The Yentil on me
by Sh0rty March 27, 2003
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