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A terrible excuse for being an idiot on the internet and getting yelled at about it.
Idiot: "He guys, i realy think that jews caused 911"

Person 1: "You fucking idiot"

Person 2: "I'm going to kill you"


And such is Cyber Bullying.
by SeventhSandwich[BL] July 19, 2010
A pretty bad ripoff of, "Mythbusters" shown on Cartoon Network.

Due to the fact that Dude What Would Happen appeals to 10 year old boys, Cartoon Network generates good popularity for it.
"I love that show Dude What Would Happen, it rocks!"

"Are you 10 man?"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] June 08, 2010
A phrase that when mixed with keyboard, cowbell, and guitar turns everyone in the room Cuban and initiates instant dancing.
"A: Hey bud, wanna see something cool"

"B: Sure!"

"A: K one second, "Brings out band of keyboardist, drummer and guitarist,"

"A:Oye Como Va!"

"B:Oh, Oh, esta Música es tan caliente. Mi cabeza va a explotar!"

"A: Cha!"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] February 09, 2010
An assumption song is a song with the intention of making you think it is dirty when really it doesn't say anything dirty by changing the rhyme.

"...Refuse and litter from yesterday's hunt, when the girl in the meadow was rubbing her... eyes at the fellow"

Everyone knows it is dirty though. It's no secret.
"Hay, Can I sing the assumption song for you"



"Eww gross *Throws pie in face*"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] February 12, 2010
A supposed secret un-lockable campaign mode on Blockland that really is a joke on the forums that makes people be confused what it really is.
"Joker: Dude, This weapon needs to be added to Blockland Adventure mode"
"Other guy: What's Adventure Mode?"
"Joker: Can't tell you, you need to unlock it on your own"
"Other guy: WAH! :C"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] January 29, 2010
A small girl ranging from ages 3-7 who sings badly but people think it's brilliant. A perfect example of this is shows like America's got talent and various terrible talent shows
"Singing Alice's bore me"
by SeventhSandwich[BL] February 12, 2010
The sound snot makes as it exits the nasal passages and hits 1 or 2 ply paper at full force.

You can tell when it's coming by a loud SNORT beforehand. Similar to the flash of a nuclear bomb.

Common with sick people and 5 year olds.
"I dropped a can of soup and I swear it sounded like the projectile snot splat Lesly made last week."
by SeventhSandwich[BL] January 30, 2010
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