Lesly, is the coolest, sweetest, kindest, most compassionate, caring understanding person. She has overcome much, and - upon learning who she is - has bloomed into an amazing, sexy, beautiful, intelligent, funny, gifted and caring person,She has been through so much in life, but she keeps on going, and anyone who meets her is lucky if you become her friend.
omg lesly is so beautiful i wish i was her!
by jsmith6969 November 21, 2011
a beautiful girl who has a myspace & is hispanic
omg lesly is so beautiful i wish i was her!
by hispanic,sexy,young,myspace April 25, 2010
certain chest-located parts of the female anatomy that are so large, sumptuous, and tender that men would sacrifice limbs for a flash, and their lives for a feel.
the things I would do to those leslies are so forbidden that they do not have words for it in the english language...
by wallymcwalrus March 05, 2008
Hot Mexican Chick who works in the front desk of Holiday Inn
Man, did a Lesly check you in your room?
by tu madre pendejo August 10, 2010

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