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The king of Fighters. Man among men, like a rock, he is undefeatable and i giant compared to any man. The meaning of terror and the mennace of chaos.
Just get out of my way...
by Sean January 08, 2004
when you have sex with a chick like you havn't fucked in a decade.
i beast fucked nancy into a wheelchair.
by sean December 10, 2004
A Volkswagen Cabriolet (Cabrio convertible), so characterized due to the car's chronically indelible resemblance to a picnic basket. The attribution of the title "bitch" to the driver of said conveyance is purely speculation.
"Are you going to meet us at the movies in your fucking bitch basket?"
by Sean March 10, 2004
A vulgar reference to an: idiot, moron, jerk. Used to convey the mental image of a man metaphorically described as a wadded-up ball of a tallywhacker (otherwise known as a penis).
Good sir! You have just applied your forefoot to the top of my heel and unearthed my foot from its leather placing! I inquire an apology, post-haste, dickwad!
by Sean August 13, 2004
To get punched, kicked, beaten, or racked hard in the balls.
I got sacked hard in a fight last week.
by Sean June 24, 2003
ghetti slang for air force ones
i got my new af1'z airbrushed
by sean May 28, 2003
A dressed and split chicken for roasting or broiling on a spit
(If you're jerking off with a spatula you need serious psychological help)
by Sean February 26, 2004

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