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A fine ass chick. Aka "hot stuff"
Damn! That Caitlen is a fine piece of ass. I would sure like to hit the shit from behind.
by Sean March 25, 2005
A very elaborate and advanced newspaper that is available everywhere. It contains articles about business as well as current events. Overall, an excellent paper.
None of you dumb fucks read the Wall Street Journal because it has no cartoons or color. Shit, just shit!
by sean June 19, 2003
the shit, the REAL men
by sean December 16, 2003
an incredibly funny cartoon, created by a deliciously funny man.
damn, that snarbles cartoon was funny.
by sean November 15, 2003
For many centuries man has called his genitalia by the name shlong or talliwhacker. For those men who have yet smaller ones, they call them wee wees. A wee wee is a gross looking penis with a face on the head scribbled in blue ink.
Little Georgey asked him mom for a new toy, so she told him to go play with his wee wee if he had nothing to play with. He played with his wee wee and soon the house blew up.
by sean October 27, 2003
Slang term used in the bay area for marijuana. Coined turtle because it's green and makes you move slow.
We just smoked some turtle and are high.
by Sean May 26, 2004
Somehow people seem to think of him as a one hit wonder. Buy the record ass, its pretty good. And oh yeah dumbass ever hear of "Deliverance", Yeah stfu.
Bubba is a pretty bomb rapper
by Sean January 26, 2004

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