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324 definitions by Sean

The means of transportation you employ when walking somewhere.
"I've been taking the shoelace express to work ever since that bitch wrecked my car."
by Sean February 16, 2005
44 8
A fine ass chick. Aka "hot stuff"
Damn! That Caitlen is a fine piece of ass. I would sure like to hit the shit from behind.
by Sean March 25, 2005
78 45
Slang term used in the bay area for marijuana. Coined turtle because it's green and makes you move slow.
We just smoked some turtle and are high.
by Sean May 26, 2004
226 194
Derogative word for describing Norwegians.
Go back to Norway you stupid Weeg!
by Sean March 18, 2004
60 28
an incredibly funny cartoon, created by a deliciously funny man.
damn, that snarbles cartoon was funny.
by sean November 15, 2003
41 11
1) The point in your night when you know what Chings Meefy is.
2) High
3) Drunk
I am Chings Meefy.
I am so meefed right now.
Meefy Sir Chings Himself.
by Sean February 06, 2005
45 16
Honda Engine found inside Prelude's stock.
Amendolare's H22 is boostin now
by Sean October 15, 2003
44 18