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323 definitions by Sean

the area between the genitalia and the anus.
I punched him hard in the gouche
by sean November 19, 2003
there is no spoon
spoon gone
by sean December 04, 2003
An autobahn dwelling sedan who's sole goal is to smack around porsches.
Holy shit!! That bmw m5 just ate the turbo!!
by sean April 03, 2003
The surest way of getting nothing from something.
I pissed all my cash awy gambling on the internet.
by Sean December 08, 2003
Usually a confirmation of a statement or an utter agreement with a person's self.
Man, you fuckin' gay!
Damn straight!
by Sean August 13, 2004
n. short, fat girls who wear too much make-up and/or dark, dark orange sunless tanner
Im totally into UL's.
by sean July 15, 2001
The beard that a man will grow after his girlfriend has broken up with him.

Used in the song Razor Burn by Lagwagon
"On the night she left me, facial hair grew miraculously, I dressed in black like Johnny Cash and grew this beard of shame."
by sean December 01, 2003