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While doing a girl in her box you insert your hairy beanbag into her turd cutter.
Man, when I was doing Suzy last night I tried to put my ballzack into her brownstar, it was like trying to keep a dog in a bathtub.
by Scud August 20, 2004
Hamburgers from White Castle. Also known as "sliders".
I ran to the shitter and blew major ass all over because of the rectal rockets from an hour earlier.
by Scud September 12, 2003
A girls vagina, somewhat beefy looking, potentially very stanky, very long torn up labia.
I don't know about your inverted taco tonight Julia, it's pretty rank, somewhat diseased, and clearly stanky.
by Scud September 12, 2003
This is the smell that remains on ones finger upon removal from a chicks ass.
I went to pick my nose and noticed I still had stinky finger from administering the shocker on Dianne. I puked.
by Scud September 12, 2003
a person who steals ur girlfriend after u told him that u still loved her.

also allows him to come on dates cuz u thought he was ur friend and let him and look what happened,

cant spell friend without end
my friend, dont act sympathetic ur a fuckin doushe bag, and thast what evry1 else thinks too so shut ur fuckin face
by scud December 23, 2003
stinky, smelly, hairy, and diseased vag's.
I wanted to dominate her bagina, but her baunch smelled like the inner depths of a hippo's ass.
by scud August 27, 2003
Oi Oi Oi Oi Oi!!!!!

who cares what it ment before the punk rock era, cuz all it is now is a hardcore music, Oi to the punx and Oi to the skinz
Oi Oi Oi!!!!
-lower class brats
by scud December 13, 2003
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