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Not giving a fuck...

Not giving a fuck if you are punk or not.

Not fucking caring what other people think.

Not giving a damn if you look punk or not.

Knowing that punk is an attitude...
not how you dress or do your hair,
not what kind of music you listen to,
not who you hang out with,
not how much you drink,
not what kind of drugs you do,
not if you sleep on the street or eat out of dumpsters,
not how many tattoos or piercings you have,
That one girl didn't care that she was still in her work slacks and blouse, she still went to the Murder Junkies show not caring what kind of weird looks she got... that was punk as fuck, I think it made her more punk than the people who spent an hour putting up their hawks and chaos spikes.

by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
the simple and obvious truth
emo sucks, just look around at all the crying teens that cut themselves and wear their hair in their face while they listen to awful music, see my point?

Dude, emo sucks, is that how you really want to be remembered?
by Sarah Lambert February 26, 2008
A)Johnny Rebel or Johnny Reb was slang for any Confederate soldier, or the Confederate Army as a whole in general, during the Civil War

B)Musician in the 60's who is noted for his racist recordings. Most every song included the word nigger
A)Those yankees sure would love to have Johnny Rebel's head on a stick!

B)Johnny Rebel sings "Stay Away From Dixie" and he sure likes to say "nigger" alot.
by Sarah Lambert March 04, 2008
Brandname and type of self contained pipe.
Has many unique features including a swiveling removeable (with alan wrench) bowl cover, screenless bowl, poker that is also used to clean the pipe and remove "tar" (resin) trap, chamber to store extra pot, and removable "tar" (resin) trap at the bottom of the bowl for easy cleaning/unclogging.
Very handy indeed
When I carry my protopipe around with me I never have to look for a poker, my bowl never spills, and I can carry around some extra sum-sum in the chamber for when the bowl gets cashed.

I love my protopipe
by Sarah Lambert March 05, 2008
What you call a guy named Bill, implying he is a dildo.

See also Phildo
Bill: Hey guys, whats up? Can I hang out with you guys?
Bob: Go away Billdo!

by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008
An amazon girl/woman who happens to be attractive despite her freakishly large stature or overly muscular body.
"That was a huge bitch, but I'd still make her my amazon princess and let her slap me around!"
by Sarah Lambert February 27, 2008
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