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492 definitions by Sam

kinda like sayin cheg
showin ur apreciation for sumat by flikin ur hand out and makin that anoyin clikin sound when ur fore finger cracks ur index finger.
cheg this out
thats well mad (click click click)
by sam October 15, 2003
Grade A marijuana
High grade fi eva ah nuh bush(regs) weed neva.
by sam November 07, 2003
Parisienne slang for "little sparrow".

The stage name of French caberet singer Edith Piaf, born in Paris, in 1915, as Edith Giovanna Gassion. Died 1963, age 47. Known for her tiny form, difficult life, and haunting singing style.

Edith's bright, successful professional life was a stark contrast to her miserable, chaotic personal life; she unsuccessfully searched for the love of her life, going through enough men to fill a phone book.

Her only child died in infancy, and she took to drugs and alcohol to escape her anguish and distress.

The great love of her life, French boxer, Marcel Cerdan, was killed in a plane crash.

The tragedies that she suffered were reflected in the sad, yearning ballads that she sang, a number of which she composed. La Vie en Rose was her most famous piece, as well as Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien.
Edith Piaf amazes me. Imagine how such a small person could have such a strong, passionate voice.
by Sam November 04, 2004
the fine.. but rare art of receiving a blowjob while you are taking a crap

so when you cum you go!
gimmie a call
by Sam December 27, 2003
A mind controlling substance used until 1950 in the popular lemon-lime soda 7-Up.
I don't care what you think Laura, 7-Up contained lithium!!!
by Sam November 22, 2004
High;the cause and affect of some good weed.
That Blueberry bud had me zoning last night.
by sam November 07, 2003
a beautiful place where everyone wants to live but most likely cant afford it.
i wish i lived in new canaan
by Sam April 05, 2005