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Is what the gods name the most beautiful angels. Simply beautiful inside and out. Has an amazing voice and in depth has the purest mind, heart and soul of all. Giovanna is a unique, sexy, sophisticated and elegant goddess. She is a little bit shy at first but when her shield is down and you get to know her well you will see that she is truly amazing. She knows how to party and can be very naughty at times. But Her attractive personality and figure will have you coming back for more. She is the smartest and sweetest person you will ever meet. You are lucky if you ever meet her.
"You are still together with Giovanna!? man there's no doubt you are the luckiest guy in the world!!"

"Angelina Jolie is such a Giovanna"

:Damn I wish I was A Giovanna"
by unknown_951 August 28, 2010
A girl of many talents. Usually found watching reality TV or in the woods. People tend to tell her all sorts of secrets and problems right away. Watch out, you might be tempted to disclose with her. She is very charming and helpful.
you're such a giovanna, I tell you everything!
by cris18 January 13, 2008
charming, a flirt, smart and secret holding girl. amazing at everything! She is the gift of god.
she's such a giovanna
by 16rocks August 14, 2010
A very shy quiet girl. But the most incredibly beautiful, sexiest, gorgeous of them all. She's takes things in at first and once you get to know her you can see she as quite a wild side to her. She's every guys dream.Many guys fall in love with her very quickly, she has an amazing smile , Everyone wants her but she could care less because she's focused on what she wants. She is the life of the party but can also be the one to cuddle with you on a Friday night and watch a movie if it will make you happy. She doesn't take crap from anyone and Giovanna's are the best in bed, the freak in the sheets. If you know a giovanna never let them go. They are the most incredible, sexiest humans on earth.
You fell for her smile that hard? She must be a giovanna.
by Blankthoughts March 28, 2015

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