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From the Marquis de Sade, enjoying inclicting pain, fear, and/or general suffering

the same things inflicted on others.

Similar to schadenfreude, but sadism is often more sexual in nature.
What are you-?! Get that snake away from me! You know that I'm scared of them-! What did I tell you?! Stop it! You're so damn sadistic!
by Sam October 29, 2004
A weapon of mass destruction
Whether he will be remembered as a good president or a liar, Bush is a WMD.
by Sam April 09, 2005
A young boy's penis
He cupped his hands over his immature cocklet
by Sam May 07, 2003
a guy wth a samll or thin dick
eww he had a pin dick

or i couldnt give him head he has a pin dick (lyke paying a guy out)
by sam February 22, 2005
Grade A marijuana
High grade fi eva ah nuh bush(regs) weed neva.
by sam November 07, 2003
The first time I heard this term and probably the first time anyone ever heard it was on the Oprah show in the summer of 2004. The show was entitled, "Do You Know What Your Teen is Really Doing?" Oprah invited a guest which obviously was hip and hop and all that and could easily infiltrate those naughty secretive teens to see what they were REALLY doing.

Get this, There is a SECRET LANGUAGE of TEENS! No wonder parents can't communicate! So the guest described to the world completely esoteric terms such as "Rainbow party" and "hoovering".

Since then, the term 'rainbow party' has been overly-used, and has even earned an episode of HUFF, in which a teenage boy goes to a 'rainbow party' and his parents later find lipstick on his underwear.
Oprah: Whats a rainbow party? Is that like, some event for PFLAG?
Guest: Oh no no no! Don't let those dirty slutty teens fool you.
Oprah: Oh, I won't!!
Guest: See, a rainbow party is... get this... a party that only about a couple of people actually do in the real world, but we decided to tell everybody cause YOU COULD BE NEXT!
Oprah: Gasp!
by Sam January 06, 2005
A mind controlling substance used until 1950 in the popular lemon-lime soda 7-Up.
I don't care what you think Laura, 7-Up contained lithium!!!
by Sam November 22, 2004
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