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When a yuppie (upper-middle class suburbanite) decides to take up jogging in the early morning. Usually takes place near expensive housing developements.
Morgyn: "I really hate these yoggers."
Keegan: "Why?"
Morgyn: "I was driving to school and almost hit one in my car. Luckily I saw her ugly bleach blonde hair in time and swerved out of the way."
by Saggysocks March 08, 2008
Just like a regular secratary only one you have sex with instead of your spouse or current significant other. So, it fitting in the terms of s"extra"tary.
The whole office was buzzing with the latest news:

Morgyn: "Did you hear about, Jim?"
Keegan: "No, what happened?"
Morgyn: "Jim's wife came to bring him lunch and walked into his office to find him having a nooner with his sextratary right on his desk."
Keegan: "Sucks to be him."
by Saggysocks September 19, 2007
A sexually transmitted bug, crabs, which are red and you get from having sex with the devil. More used as a joking term by high school freshmen, devil crabs are more often than not, said to be had by a freshmen who has had sex before they turn sixteen.
Jane:I've got crabs.
Jenny:You've been sleeping with too many guys.
Jane:I think they're red.
Jenny:That's gross. What? Did you have sex with the devil and now you have devil crabs?
by Saggysocks May 04, 2007
An animal, mammal, who is fuzzy (bushy, fluffy, hairy, etc.) and/or cute. Usually such a creature makes you want to hug, squeeze, or pet them. Often such animals are used as pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, etc.
Mom:That squirrel is so cute! Look at that bushy tail!
Morgyn:It's a fuzzy-lovin'!
by Saggysocks May 04, 2007
Meaning, "me too," or, "me also," but in a sorta lame spanish/english phrasing. Often used by people who have no grammer or just don't care if they sound stupid.
Morgyn:I hate math with a passion.
Keegan:Me dos.
Morgyn:You make me sad.
by Saggysocks May 04, 2007
Essentially the same thing as, "Damn it," or, "Dammit," but can be said without consequence because it isn't actually swearing.
Brittany:I beat you're grade by 1%.
Morgyn: Dem it.
by Saggysocks May 04, 2007

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