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When a yuppie (upper-middle class suburbanite) decides to take up jogging in the early morning. Usually takes place near expensive housing developements.
Morgyn: "I really hate these yoggers."
Keegan: "Why?"
Morgyn: "I was driving to school and almost hit one in my car. Luckily I saw her ugly bleach blonde hair in time and swerved out of the way."
by Saggysocks March 08, 2008
a universal word from the ancient Kelleronian language used as a substitute and/or filler in regular conversation.
- yogger is often used in direct correlation with the word fassa.
1. It stinks in here Kyle. Did you yog it?
2. You yogger fassa Kyle! You totally yogged up the bathroom!
3. Lee scored a sweet yoggin' goal against Kyle in a foosball game.
by Fassa Loobie Jones June 18, 2009
A 'Yogger' is a woman who steals a kitten from a housing estate, wraps it up in tin foil, puts it in a microwave for seven seconds, and proceeds to play a lot of world of warcraft. Yoggers are very rare to find in the world because not many women play world of warcraft. You can recognise Yoggers by their welsh accent and the finger protruding from their cheek bones.
Yeah Jack McIldriebottom! That Yogger was wild
by welkmanshrimp November 28, 2010
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