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The signature catch phrase of FPS Doug, from the acclaimed Pure Pwnage series.
by S_t_G August 07, 2005
n. {Slang} - see butt floss, g string
"your bum floss is showing, pull up your pants."
by S_t_G October 14, 2004
A just punishment for over eating.
Obesity is the price you pay for being a lazy ass.
by S_t_G March 01, 2005
It is perhaps the very key to our future existance. The 355th day of the year is December 21st. The Mayan calander ends on December 21, 2012. Coincidence? I think not.
"355. I need answers." - FoXDie
by S_t_G May 08, 2005
So in other words, it's a tablespoon. :P
I eat cereal with a tablespoon. That way, I can shove more food in my mouth than if i used a smaller teaspoon.
by S_t_G April 15, 2005
When puzzled, or confused, it is used in place of such phrases as "Huh?" or "What?" Unlike grrr, "Grrr?" is not said in an agressive tone, rather a questioning, perplexed tone.
Person 1: (Mumbles something incoherent)
Person 2: Grrr?
by S_t_G October 14, 2004
ptkfgs is an acronym for "Punch the keys for God's sake!"

It is a line from Finding Forester said by Sean Connery a few moments before the now classic internet catchphrase "You're the man now dog!"
*tap tap tap*

Punch the keys for God's sake! (ptkfgs)

*punch punch punch*

You're the man now dog!
by S_t_G March 07, 2006

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