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A hard booger that won't let go of the inside of your nose. Excessively annoying due to its size, and the fact that whenever you inhale you feel it rubbing against your nostril. Removal usually results in bleeding.

Not to be confused with a klingon].
If you have a clinger while in public or on a date, it's best to grin and bear it.
Heading into the bathroom to remove it will only embarrass you worse, as you will return with several wads of paper towels, trying to stop the bleeding.
by STJosh May 06, 2007
A person, usually female, who thinks they are destined for a life of fame and fortune.
They spend their high school years telling everyone how they have it made and have no doubts that they will become the next biggest thing to hit Hollywood.
These people are usually very close too good looking (though not quite hot), and this fuels their ideas of stardom.
They lack all talent, and are usually academic failures (despite telling everyone "I get good grades and get along fine in school").
Upon graduation they go around telling friends how they're headed to Hollywood to become supermodels and superstars.
However, one year, one road trip across America or Europe with three of their closest equally hollywoolheaded blond friends, one failed marriage, and one hundred rejection letters later, they are either working the grill at a fast food restaurant without any hope of a successful future (having not tried for a decent education and now being penniless) or working the streets as a prostitute (using what good lucks they have to earn fifty bucks each night until they get old and are forced to live off government welfare while caring for two children who both hate her and are seriously strung out on drugs.
"Beth, Tiffany, Leah, Jessica, Julia, Jake, Josh, Dave, and Tyler are all such hollywoolheads!"
"What's worse is all their friends encourage it, so they walk around thinking they're gods."
"Don't worry, guys, while we're making $75k+ a year they'll be living off welfare in a rundown, rat-infested apartment in downtime Los Angeles, regretting every decision they ever made."
"Yeah, and will be our tax dollars supporting them, so they'll STILL be bugging us."
by STJosh April 24, 2007
1) To cheat your way out of giving someone promised action or items.

2) A dead body.

3) Something rigid and hard to move.

4) To fail to live up to your end of a bargain.

5) A tightwad.

6) Someone who is obnoxiously lazy and rudely boring.
He won't pay for half the meal despite declaring he would pay for the whole thing beforehand? What a stiff!
by STJosh May 02, 2007
The Emmy of movie awards.
"I'm sorry, I've never heard of her."
"But she won a Golden Globe!"
"Ok... so?"
by STJosh April 26, 2007
Either 6.5, 8.9, or 13.7 billion years ago (they keep rescheduling it), nothing blew itself up.
After the explosion, once the smoke had all faded and the dust had settled, a countless number of galaxies, systems, stars, and planets covered a presumed infinite amount of space.

What the hell?
"Hey, we currently have no explanation for the beginning of the universe, man."
"Well, just pick from the existing ones."
"We could do that, but, uh, sir..."
"They all involve the supernatural and/or some sort of deity(s)."
"Holy crap! Heaven (which I don't believe exists) forbid we actually believe there are greater forces in the world than ourselves (arrogant brats aren't we?)! Quick, make something up!"
"How about... I know! A massive explosion created everything! We'll call it the 'Big Bang'."
"Think anyone will buy that?"
"If we come up with a bunch of nonsensical yet complex equations to back it up, yes."
"Do it."
by STJosh April 24, 2007
1) A major part of the carbon cycle that has helped properly regulate the temperatures of earth and the CO2 levels within earth's atmosphere for quite some time and won't just break because a few humans start driving SUVs and cooking on charcoal grills.

2) The confounded and/or irritated look on someone's face when you tell that "What color is a purple house?" "Purple" "What color is a blue house?" "Blue" "What color is a green house?" "Green" "WRONG! It's clear!" joke, because green houses are actually quite green, and they hate you for telling such a stupid joke.
Next time, stick with "Why did the chicken cross the road?"
I wonder if Al Gore has ever read even a high school essay on the greenhouse effect...
by STJosh May 02, 2007
A small group of some who are some of the most hypocritical people around, which is rather ironic considering how many times per day they call religious people hypocrites.
They're also incredibly arrogant, believing they're right and everyone else is wrong, which is also incredibly ironic, considering this is the exact same thing they say about religious peoples.

The group consists mostly of whiny teenagers, such as most of the kids on this site, who really have no idea what the facts are, but believe they're cool and "hardcore" for turning away from the religious beliefs of the majority. These are the ones who constantly say they believe in "science over religion" despite constantly flunking their biology exams.

They're infamous for having no original arguments, always just using whatever their god, Richard Dawkins, says, without having any idea what it means.

Their favorite hobby is bringing up the crusade as an example for why religion is bad, making themselves look like the ignorant morons they are (they've never actually read any actually factual accounts of history, in which they'd learn that the majority of the crusaders couldn't even read the Bible and mainly did what they did for wealth, not their incredibly distorted image of God).

Atheists love to bunch all religions in the world into one little ball called "religion" that they blame for all the problems in the world.
Talk about throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

They also like to say that Christianity is incompatible with science and that science disproves Christianity.
They also say that religion holds back the advancement of science.
Let's just ignore the fact that Newton (who said all his inspiration for his discoveries came from the Bible and God), Galileo, Kepler, and Bacon were all Christians. Why, even Benjamin Franklin was a deists (though hardly religious).
Only a moron would say that our advancement in science has come about by atheism.

Basically, while there are some nice and intelligent atheists, the majority are unintelligent, Dawkins-worshipping, rebellious, whiny children who lack the ability to comprehend half the things they quote as 'fact'.

The children who claim to be 'atheists' on this site will vote 'no' on this entry, because they are either insecure in their pitiful intellects or arrogant in their defiance of concepts they don't even understand.
by STJosh August 29, 2007

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