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There are three major college degrees one can achieve: B.S., M.S., and PhD. These initials stand for the following-

M.S.-more shit
PhD.-piled higher and deeper

class dismissed.
mick: hey, the new engineer's specs are all out of whack!! we'll never get this thing built with these numbers!!
rick: well, buddy, you've just discovered the secret to a college degree. it consists of B.S., M.S., and PhD.
dick: yeah, we all know that, butthead!
rick: are you sure? for these college degrees, the initials stand for bullshit, more shit, and piled higher and deeper!!!
everybody laughs; the engineer in question walks through and they laugh even harder
#bullshit #college #university #edjumacation #injineer
by earpuller June 21, 2006
A fancy sheet of paper that has no significance when in the hands of a woman.
You cant grab a great personality or motorboat a college degree.
#motorboat #college degree #college degrees #blowjerb #feminist
by Jdiamwmgy June 26, 2010
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