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frank blass' breasts
frank blass is saggy in his breastal area
by SHOWTIME March 07, 2005
similar to the imfamous blumpkin, the mcgerkin offers the spiritual needs the woman in the relationship desires. instead of the girl sucking the guy, the guy eats the girl out while she is dumping. if done correctly you will have multiple simontaneous oragsims.
After she blumped me i turned the tables on her ass and mcgerkined the shit out of her, literally.
by SHOWTIME March 05, 2005
An exotic and charming name wich would describe a beautiful woman with a gorgeous smile
She's so beautiful, she must be called Dzeilana
by ShowTime February 02, 2015
the blumpkin vagina platypus is the classic sex extravaganza. while a girl is giving you a blumpkin you have your pet platypus look on or videotape. to spice up the moment have the platypus join in and stick his platypus penis in her ass. if done correctly the platypus will have a fatal orgasim. Also works with a mecgerkin.
The blumpkin vagina platypus party became fatal as 2 platypus' wound up dead.
by SHOWTIME March 06, 2005

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