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English translation of common Italian phrase whereupon the subject admits to playing a prank or wind-up upon the object. Originates from films made by such individuals as Scorcese, De Niro and Pesci eg., Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx Tale.
"Come on Henry, I'm just breakin' his balls a little bit, what does he take me for, a fuckin schmuck?" - Goodfellas
by SFULG January 11, 2004
Firmly styled longitudinal hair appendage favoured among the Shoreditch Set around 2000-2002. Now favoured by anyone with aspirations to be (i)in a boy band (ii) Hollyoaks.
He wore his trucker's cap, summer camp T-shirt and Hoxton fin like a badge of honour
by SFULG January 11, 2004
Abbreviation. See Just Breaking Your Balls
"Come on mate, JBYB, joke, don't start crying for fuck's sake"
by SFULG January 11, 2004
stands for "And I Give Back My...". When the original poster of AICM backs down after a rebuttal.
"You are... AICM £5"
"No I'm...."

"Ok sorry AIGBM £5"
by SFULG June 07, 2004

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