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Term used to describe a normally tame female who turns into a raging whore once the brew touches her lips.
Josh F: "Hey Jen what did you do last night"
Jen: "I dont remeber...but my butt really hurts"
Josh F & Pals: "ALCHOWHORE!"

Emily is nice, but once she tastes the Milwaukees Best she transforms into a sausage ravaging alchowhore.
by Ryno July 23, 2004
When you insert a cadbury cream egg into a females vagina, punch it as hard as you can, and eat her out, consuming the melted chocolate and gooey sugary filling within
Erica was severly bruised after I gave her a cadbury creamer, but she loved when I licked the remains out of her.
by Ryno March 25, 2005
when one cannot comprehend unfolding events or events which have occured.

*term keyed by jay parsons, later utilized by various Vancouver-area residents*
guy1: "why is your mom calling me?"
guy2: "what the blazes"

guy1: "your mom called me last night!!"
guy2: "what the blazes"
by Ryno December 03, 2004
A term used to point out ample breasts.
The women folk around here have beautiful maguffies.
by Ryno July 10, 2004
When someone (typically a male) becomes obsessed with body buiding to the point where he cannot actually see themself for what they are. They will habiutually attempt to become more and more muscular because they feel its never enough.
Monkey1: I don't think my 20" arms are big enough
Monkey2: yo dawg, you're crazy, you're suffering from bigorexia!
by ryno April 22, 2005
Wavoes (derived from the spanish word huevos which means eggs) are the wavy pubic hairs located on the nether regions of both the male and female species. (Compliments of Pablo Francisco)
Why shave your wavoes when you can wax?
I had to shave my wavoes and apply this special ointment so I could get rid of my crabs.
by Ryno July 18, 2004
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