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a shtalker is someone who stalks you for the sole purpose of talking shit.
{ten seconds after you log on facebook}
shtalker: Hey Bob, wtf have you been?

Bob: Uhhh, offline?
shtalker: Looks like you got picture raped last night.

Bob: How long have you been waiting for me to log in?
shtalker: idk, lost track of time keeping tabs on my fucket list. I added your face to the bottom.
Bob: shtalker, you're such a shtalker.
by RumpoleIsDead April 13, 2010
A diss kiss occurs when you insult someone then kiss them before they have a chance to reply.
Sam: I think the recent evidence shows we all come from Neanderthals.

Pam: I think you're full of shit. {kisses Sam}

Sam: But- {kissed}
Tam: Damn, Sam, you got a diss kiss
by Rumpoleisdead May 22, 2010
Someone (often a remote worker or telecommuter) who visits many cafes to avoid becoming a regular customer.
Joe: Hey Brian, where are you working today?
Brian: I was at the Coffee Bean this morning, but I shifted to Java Jones for my post lunch work.
Joe: You're such a polycaff.
by RumpoleIsDead March 05, 2010
Similar to pics or GTFO, a phrase used jokingly as an ultimatum to new members of a community who mention books to upload a copy or to "get the **** out."
Cassandra1980: Hi guys, you all should read the new Steve Jobs biography
P3rv69: mobi or GTFO!

Cassandra1980: =|

P3rv69: :P
by RumpoleIsDead February 02, 2012
adjective describing those who are superficial and fickle, on the surface likely to change their minds.
"When customers are ready to buy, they can be superfickle, changing their mind and choosing a different vendor quickly"
by RumpoleIsDead January 15, 2010
abbreviation for "Obsessive Compulsive Googling".

When every time you mention a topic or question in conversation, the listener impulsively Googles it.
Jim: "I wonder what the capital of Costa Rica is."
Bob: starts typing "What?"
Jim: "I said, I wonder what the capi-"
Bob: "San Jose."
Jim: "Bob, you got OCG. Y'know what that is?"
Bob: begins typing "OCG"
by RumpoleIsDead February 17, 2010
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