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a shtalker is someone who stalks you for the sole purpose of talking shit.
{ten seconds after you log on facebook}
shtalker: Hey Bob, wtf have you been?

Bob: Uhhh, offline?
shtalker: Looks like you got picture raped last night.

Bob: How long have you been waiting for me to log in?
shtalker: idk, lost track of time keeping tabs on my fucket list. I added your face to the bottom.
Bob: shtalker, you're such a shtalker.
by RumpoleIsDead April 13, 2010
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A cat that won't stop following you around.
This cat! He won't leave me alone!" (to cat) "Stop shtalking me, you little shtalker!
by Quitty August 25, 2010
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shit talkers who stalks you by talking a lot of shit about you.
Ugh can't deal with shtalkers these days. They stalk you, and talk shit about you.. smdh
by keoza June 23, 2011
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