37 definitions by Roo

Evil arch enemy of Helenoid the Insane.
if the meek shall inherit the shit; well, nicky will do that and then throw it at your bedroom window. You have been warned.
evil nicky tried to kill me with plastic scissors and Tippex"
by roo April 06, 2004
A penis
I'm going to shove my Ghouloul in your eye
by Roo August 02, 2003
a twee year-old ee friend.

meewie! eeeeeeee! meewie
by roo March 16, 2004
spam gawd
iam teh spamm king
by Roo September 25, 2003
l33ter than Veikko_N
Veikko is teh bad person
by Roo September 15, 2003
(1) The King Of All Homos (2) Most commonly used word by Henry
-Henry- "ahh Homolizer get woooooooooooooorrrrrk!"
by Roo April 19, 2003
an employed retard
Sack Barrand
by Roo March 11, 2004

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