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Sexpat (noun), an compound of sex and expat or expatriate.

A sexpat is one who participates in tourism with the express intention of having sex.

There may be a variety of reasons for this, such as:
less restrictive laws in foreign countries;
anonymity or privacy;
a preference for people of other ethnic groups;
financial reasons i.e. if one travels from a wealthy country to a poorer one.

However, by far and away the single greatest reason for the existence of the sexpat phenomenon is that sexpats find securing carnal relations with someone in their own country difficult to impossible to achieve.
Andy: I'm becoming fed up of Phuket.
Shane: Why?
Andy: It's because of all the nasty old ***man sexpats over here.
Shane: I agree. Shall we go to Patong and ogle some bar girls?
Andy: Ok.
by Roo May 30, 2005
A person (generally man) who "couldn't get laid in a brothel back home", who moves to a poor country where prosititues are cheap to "finally be treated like the man he always knew he was."

The difference between a sex-tourist and a sexpat is the sexpat must LIVE in the country, a sex-tourist is a short stay visitor.
A sexpat approached me in Starbucks whining "all the Thai girls are just after my money."

"Ohhh reeeally" I mocked Mr Ugly Sexpat, did you think it was your fat gut or your balding head the pretty girls were after?
by Karen Fleming December 26, 2005
Usually referring to a creepy, fat and balding white male who goes to Asia (often Southeast Asia) to exploit his white privilege, favorable currency exchange rate and host countries' colonial legacy to have sex with the local Asian women there. A sex tourist on an extended stay. These men have no game in their home countries and typically had low level jobs back home. Before they leave for Asia, you'll find these types on The Red Pill ranting about how Western women do not appreciate how much of a nice guy they are. They are the ones who give WMAF relationships a bad name, and any hapa child that results from these encounters tend to develop severe mental illness when they reach adulthood realizing they are a product of sexual fetishism and white supremacy.
"Oh look, another WMAF couple."
"Oh look, another bald white sexpat exploiting an 18 year old Thai girl from impoverished Issan."
by mikelee1 August 13, 2016
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