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Another unfortunate compound noun.

Thai + Irish = Thairish, reflecting the profusion of (at best fake and at worst real) Irish bars in Thailand.

Of course, is said by a native of that fair Asian country, it becomes Thailish.
Remember the old song:, "When Thairish eyes are smiling"? Well, it's often playing in half a dozen faux Irish bars in Phuket right now...
by Roo April 08, 2010
While the distance travelled by light in a year (a "light year") is a significant measurement, there is one that has greater relevance to most of us: the "shag mile".

The shag mile (noun) is the distance one is prepared to travel in order to have sex.
Imagined SMS exchange*:

A: I am quite enamoured with you.

B: I feel rather passionately disposed towards you.

A: If only...

B: ...we weren't so many shag miles apart?

A: Yes, but it's a measure of my deep-seated lust for you that I will travel around 150 shag miles to see you.

B: I'll be waiting on the bed with my kit off.

*The real exchange would be considerably fruitier than this
by Roo October 06, 2013
One may travel many shag miles to have sex with the right person. However, some people are either fortunate enough to have their sexual partner nearby.

Others, though, may simply be lazy or unimaginative and find or remain with their sexual partner simply because they are close to er.. hand. This is a "proximity shag" (noun and verb).
A: We split up because he is too many shag miles away. You on the other hand...

B: ...live next door. That makes me a...

A: ... proximity shag.

B: I suddenly don't feel very special.
by Roo October 06, 2013
Means Nice or Smooth
Awwww thats sliky!
by Roo April 20, 2004
A Punkle is an uncle who likes the Ramones.
My punkle wears all black and speaks in a shouting voice with a bad cockneyed accent.
by roo May 11, 2004
fully sick mate
huge burnouts
tip top stuff mate
lets go to bumkin land
tip top
by Roo September 25, 2003
l33ter than GamigiN...him spamm fairy
l33ter than Veikko_N...him spamm fairy 2
him not teh spamm gawd
by Roo September 25, 2003

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