37 definitions by Roo

annoying, loud, bothering
that boy is really howard jang, it irritates me so much.
by roo April 26, 2005
Tym, a lowly being from deepest darkest essex
Timothy is such an essex gympasauras
by roo January 13, 2004
Cool, Wicked, Great
1)Thats Lokey!!!
2)Thanks Mate! Your Lokey!
by Roo April 03, 2004
your a hassell
by roo June 20, 2003
to touch or grab someone's private areas in a discreet manner by concealing the action with a more mundane motion. e.g.: reaching across your aunt at the dinner table to get the salt while you nonchalantly grab her crotch.
i gave megan a sneaky uncle in the car while pretending to look for the road map.
by roo March 26, 2004
hard rockin', axe wielding amigo obviously favouring the fender as his weapon of choice.
the fender bender's opening riff proceeded to rock my socks off
by Roo April 06, 2004
by roo September 21, 2003

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