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34 definitions by Rohan

Funny misspelling of 'foot'. Laugh at people when they type foot like it.
I have a sore fooot.
by Rohan November 16, 2003
Tough person, or someone who thinks he is.
"I'm a tank!"
by Rohan November 16, 2003
someone who likes to complain about anything and everything; also the initials and nickname of paul dean hart
paul: I hate how teachers place guilt on us when we don't do our homework.
mark: You are such a pdh.
by rohan April 21, 2005
A breast, or pair of breasts to lay your head on.
I laid my head on Maria's love cusion.
by Rohan January 22, 2004
Wicked gun brand that manufacture revolvers like the Python and the Diamondback, and also make the M16 assault rifle.
Dude, shoot that biatch with your Colt Diamondback.
by Rohan November 16, 2003
really hot guy, really kewl guy
and has laided evry gal on campus
rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan rohan
by rohan August 03, 2004
(v) To bash someone so hard they fall over.
I'm gonna down ya!
by Rohan November 16, 2003