34 definitions by Rohan

1) Fat assed disgusting animal that eats scraps and lives in a shithole.
2) Slang for the M60 machine gun, originated in the vietnam war.
1) This pig's fatter than yo momma!
2) Quick, shoot that Viet-Cong muthafucka with your pig!
by Rohan November 01, 2003
An overly obese, lazy, sweat prone fat prick who exhibits beastiality tendencies.
Morphett ate all the pies
by Rohan April 18, 2003
1. Most boring subject in school.
2. Load of shit that old people crap on about that the new generation couldn't care less about.
1. What have we got next?

2. Back in my day-
Shut the fuck up! *shoots 107 year old*
by Rohan January 22, 2004
One of the many guns manufactured by the Russian company owned by Mikhail Kalshnikov.
Look out, the Viet-Cong use Kalashnikov AK47s!
by Rohan October 31, 2003
One of the most powerful bullets in the world.
Colt Pythons take .357 Magnum ammo.
by Rohan January 20, 2004
Real football. Not like that pussy American shit. Who the fuck needs pads? Aussie rules football is exciting to watch, and doesn't always end up as a big pile of broad-shouldered gay men 2 seconds after the whistle has been blown. American football sucks balls.
English football is cool though.
Aussie rules is a real sport that requires skill and determination, rather than just strength and an IQ of 2.7.
by Rohan January 25, 2004

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