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A stupid shit.
That clodover there is eating his breakfast backwards!
by Rohan November 16, 2003
Someone who is "too big for their body". They can't do anything without bumping into someone. When they sit down they just flop, most likely bothering the person they sit down next to. People like this are mainly found in public areas, like movie theaters, restaurants, etc. These people are also very ignorant. They sit down behind you at the movies, kicking your seat multiple times, without even saying "Excuse me" or "Sorry". Nope, they just clod their way on through life.
I'm just trying to watch this new movie and some clod kicks my seat 4 times without saying anything.
by peoplepissmeoff May 30, 2011
1. A hardened mass of dirt.
2. A person who would have to learn ettiquette just to elevate himself to the title of hardened mass of dirt.
3. A popular French given name.
It hasn't rained in weeks, look at all those clods!

Some clod sped through the puddle and splashed mud all over my suit!

Clod DeBussy was a good composer!
by Malcolm X-crement December 27, 2003
1) A total and complete bastard
2) A phewlish one
3) Someone gullable

See clodhopper
1) You father was a clod
2) Josh went and made a clod of himself.
3) That clod is so gullable, I told him Iraq won the war. Ha.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 22, 2003
Stands for clunge of the Day.

A clod is a particulaly fat, ugly and unnattractive person, the worst you have seen that day.

Clod points can be gained by kissing and/or sleeping with them.
"Wow check out that clod! If i got with her I'd get 3 clod points"
by Stevel Knievel April 15, 2009
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