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56 definitions by Robert Lanham, Author of Food Court Druids, Cherohonkees, and Other Creatures Unique to the Republic

Intelligent but socially inept employees who lack the motivation to look for another job in this lifetime
The Lifer is often an unambitious lower-level employee who has been with the company since the dawn of Man.
5 7
Laymen paparazzi who commonly spot people who look "just like" celebrities at the mall, church, and Applebee's.
Page Eighty-Sixers point to random people they encounter in public and say, "Doesn't that person look just like Colin Farrell?"
3 6
he likes things spicy and always has the Tobasco sauce at his desk to prove it
A good Hot Sauce Guy will stock his desk with exotic mixtures from foreign lands, like Singapore Sizzle, Aztec Zinger, and Jalapeno Hal.
7 11
People who constantly yell out punch lines from movies, commercials, and television
Zingers often shape his/her entire personality around quoting movies and TV.
9 16
The tech guy who is always on hand with his boredom-induced warmth and good cheer
Since the plug's job entails troubleshooting tech issues, he's often allotted extra free time when no one is having specific problems with their computers.
4 13
Gay men who define themselves as being transgender or are into cross-dressing and drag shows.
Barbies often prefer city life, given the lack of understanding and sensitivity they find in rural communities.
8 19
A passive-aggressive coworker who wants you to do all of his work for him.
"Do you mind showing me how to fill out this report?" is something a Milker might say.
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