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(noun) One who licks the assholes of bitches
Did you hear Andrew talking shit?
Who cares, he's just a big tremode.
by Robbie April 14, 2004
"Too Mother Fucking Bad"
Parent: Turn off that music, your sisters are trying to sleep.

Son/Daughter: TMFB! I'll do what i want!
by Robbie October 26, 2004
a person with a foot fetish; specifically, one who enjoys licking and sucking a woman's toes and her feet.
Being with Jeanette and her delicious size 11's made me the toe popper that I am today!
by Robbie November 10, 2003
To deliberately avoid a severe adverse reaction to excessive drug abuse. In many cases the whitey will have been brought on by a prolongued sessioninvolving a cocktail of drugs. The key to whitey management involves a strong will and clear thinking. A glass of water combined with a tactical chunder are viewed as the key tools to overcoming the whitey.
Al once again showed great whitey management after a quick tactical chunder in the downstairs toilet.
by Robbie November 14, 2003
(v.) to pierre de gaulle - after intercourse, the male removes the used condom (still containing semen and vaginal fluids) and proceeds to slap the female with it. As with all other European greetings, the condom must be used to slap both cheeks as the male shouts "Vive La France."
Did you hear Griff learned several sexual moves while studying abroad in France?

Yeah, I heard he brought back the Pierre de Gaulle and used that shit on Karen M. Turns out, she had an allergic reaction to the latex and got a huge rash on each cheek...VIVE LA FRANCE.
by Robbie April 30, 2006
Sequal to Black and White, one of the greatest games in its time.
If black and white 2 fails, Lionhead will die.
by Robbie November 28, 2004
1. vi/vt. To hide contraband in one's anus.

2. n. One who hides contraband in his anus.
If you want cigs, see Johnny -- that keister bunny's got a veritable Bodega stashed up there.
by Robbie October 24, 2004
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