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When you are so in love with someone that every single emotion you could possibly have is all wrapped up into one intense feeling.

You can imagine them, and you shake.

You can go days without eating anything.

Everything else fades in the background when you see them, and you can barely speak.

You feel like you have the chills, but you are really just wrapped up in love.
"I can't even think straight, because she is constantly on my mind. I am love sick."
by Rheeb December 19, 2006
Derived from two words: Rather + Random = Rathum

A word used when there is no sufficient word to describe what needs to be said.

Liz: I saw a naked man flying a kite on I-95 in the middle of rush hour.
Kat: Whoa, that's rathum.
by Rheeb December 30, 2007
A word to say when saying the word "please" isn't enough. It can also be used as a synonym for TMI (too much information). It is a combination of the word "please" as well as the groaning effect "uhh."

Pleasuhh is mostly used in uncomfortable situations such as:

1. When one or both of your parents are talking about their sex lives while you innocently are in the room.

2. Or when someone in your life reminisces about an embarrasing thing that happened to you in the past.
Mom: Did you see that man? Ooo if I wasn't a married woman!

Child: Pleasuhh!
by Rheeb July 19, 2009
Pajamas, PJs, night-wear, and any other stupid word you can say for the clothes you wear in bed.
Laura: I'm pretty tired. Time to hit the sack. What are you doing?
Larry: I'm putting on my PAJAMPS!
by Rheeb April 13, 2010
A combination of "bullshit" and "boloney" (bologna, for you literals)

An cleaner and funnier way to say bullshit or baloney.
Jane: You know Harvey drank your orange juice, right?
Shawneka: Aww, that's some BULL-SHONEY!
by Rheeb April 13, 2010

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