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(1)mail sent to or from jail, for or from inmates
their basic means to keeping contact with those on the outside.
also may contain details on who someone wants to be killed
(these persons are known as "hard candy")
"When I'm 'Flying A Kite'...
Prison Niggas Off Shit With A Quick Letter"
by Brick-City August 18, 2006
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To be high on ketamine.
I was totally flying a kite last night and I had the worst k-hole.
by monsieur kite December 24, 2010
When a man is having anal sex with a woman while on her period and reaching under to hold her tampon string.
My friend asked me what do I do with the tampon string when having anal sex with my girl while she was on her period, I said I hang onto it just like I was flying a kite.
by Beaner 1 September 30, 2010
To be high on drugs, especially ecstasy or other psychedelic drugs.
Oh my God, this song makes me feel like I'm flying a kite!
by xxxx____sss August 04, 2009
To allow one's thong to rise up to the lower back. Also Kite Flying. Usually associated with females.
Attención, brother– there is some high-tension kite flying over on the stools. Hope she's got a tight grip.
by M. Kenny May 09, 2005
Nylon toy believed to have been made over 3000 years ago. optimal pastime on a warm windy day
i was flying a kite around my beautiful malibu estate
by brad "b-rad" gluckman August 20, 2007

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