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Adjective describing a tinder user who only swipes right
Person E: Dude she's heinous, don't like her.

Person O: Screw it I'm tinderscriminate.
by Redwall II March 08, 2015
Performing a sex act upon a person whilst they are using a laptop computer (this may or may not actually be on their lap). Popular activities include facebook and browsing urban dictionary.
Hey look, Jack is totally Laptopping Sarah.

I really wish someone was laptopping me whilst writing this, but I have a desktop pc.
by Redwall II May 04, 2010
The male version of camel toe. When either pants or underpants adjust themselves so as to gather your genitals into a noticable bulge, regardless of the turgidity of the member. Also known as "putting your dick in a headlock"
Dubious Sexuality Guy 1: Dude check out that guy's camel toe
Dubious Sexuality Guy 2: Nah son, that's a monkey's fist and impressive!
by Redwall II February 18, 2012

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