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A pussy fart that happens sometimes when a guys pulls out his dick...
Sarah can queef on command....
by Rebecca November 17, 2003
1) To be nasty and/or sluty

2) Used in southern hip hop as a close personal friend.
1) Danm, I'm a gonna get some from that dirrty girl!

2) Wat up, dirrty?
by rebecca March 29, 2003
Simple, slang for alright. Usually among blacks, or someone who thinks they are.
You want to go to the show tonight? He said aight.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004
a good word to use when talking in front of people to make them confused.
(When talking in a normal conversation someone suddenly says)
Your dodus is on fire!
by rebecca March 29, 2003
having sex, sexual intercourse, making love
"Even though Frankie and Carla only knew each other for a couple days, on one drunken night, they took part in a LOVE HANDSHAKE"
by Rebecca July 06, 2003
A crazy group of people who play awesome music with shiny instruments at athetic events. Usually their music is heard so often that even the football players have the songs memorized. The drum major leads the pep band by waving his/her arms in random motions to make it look like the band is actually watching him/her.
We're playing that song for pep band AGAIN this year?!
The referee got totally pissed off when the pep band played more than just durring time outs.
by Rebecca June 19, 2006
Short for bi-sexual. A person who is sexually attracted to both males and females.
Britney Spears and Madonna had a bi moment on MTV.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004

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