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A guy thrust his dick inbetween a set of tits.

see also milkshake
He cummed all over my face when we tit fucked.
by raquel January 20, 2004
kirgin---a person who has never been kissed. Similar to "virgin" but for kisses, so "kirgin."
"My god! Vanessa's still a kirgin? But how many boyfriends has she had in her life?"
by Raquel January 24, 2005
Someone who is sexy in an alternative and original way, sometimes with prostitutional characteristics. Usually called Raquel, Freyabella or George.
Oooh she's quite a sexy floorboard wench.
by Raquel January 07, 2005
Bigger lady. someone who's edges would disappear from your peripheral vision if she got to close. also sometimes called Helen.
whoah! shes an enormous wideload!!
by Raquel January 07, 2005
absolutely amazing, the best thing ever, derived from Hoobastank and fandabidozi for reasons unknown to the creators.
"Wow that's fantabyhoobical!"
by Raquel January 07, 2005
To do something in a way that only Raquel and Freyabella would do it. Something that is only ever funny in Raquel or Freyabella's eyes.
"You sexy floorboard wench"
everyone looks confused at R and F.
"oh thats just trablager man, you wouldnt understand"
by Raquel January 07, 2005
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