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An inhabitant, or someone born in, the City of Salford. Not to be confused with a manc, an inhabitant, or someone born in, the neighboring (but separate) city of Manchester. Salfordian is derived from the ancient Atlantisian word Salfordisians, meaning 'those who are Gods'.
Salfordians are wonderful.
by Ranger November 19, 2003
Macross is an original anime series produced in Japan in 1985 by Studio Nu. It is centered around a gigantic space fortress called the Macross that crashes on earth in 1999. It attracts the attention of another alien spices, who then attack Earth in an attempt to gather the secrets of the Protoculture onboard the SDF-1.

A translation of Macross can be found in the US under the name Robotech. Be sure to look for the Macross Saga.
“Any anime fan who knows they’re sh*t, knows what Macross is”
by Ranger March 31, 2004
Robotech is an Americanized cartoon show called Macross, produced by Studio Nu in Japan in 1985. The original series was considered too short for station owners in America to syndicate, and so two bogus shows where added by Harmony Gold, and the original storyline was massively altered to add to the deception. Some examples of these changes are: The size of the SDF-1, (via spoken word), certain characters hair color and style radically change over time (Dana Sterling) the fate of both of the shows main characters was also altered.

The first 40 or so episodes of Robotech are worth viewing though, and are available at most movie rental stores, and on Robotech.com. Macross can also be purchased, but as of now, there are no English re-voiced versions.
Robotech/Macross is considerd one of the greatest Anime shows of all time.
by Ranger March 31, 2004
personal crisis, your own personal problems noone else cares about
can you stop talking about your vanity crisis? noone cares about your vanity crisis!
by Ranger May 27, 2004
Snosige, a word originating in the mid-united states around 1999. Snosige can be used in place of cuss words starting with S, or just about any other noun.
“That new car is the Snosige!” “Holy Snosige, that’s cool!” “You’re the Snosige man!”
by Ranger March 31, 2004
An MMORPG that resembles R.O.S.E. a lot. Seriousley...It's currently Beta Testing. This game uses real civilizations such as the Chinese, Greek, etc. as the actual world in which you play in. It's based in earlier times when swords and shit were used. Many of the civilizations aren't completed yet due to beta testing.
Person 1: Yeah...I tried Silkroad Online yesterday.
Person 2: So what'd you think of it?
Person 1: Sucks. Resembles R.O.S.E. too fucking much. And lags on my shitty computer.
Person 2: lol
by Ranger March 29, 2006
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