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Combination of the words Enemy and Media. Used to describe the media's desire to push a political or ideological agenda as news. Invented by RandallFlagg on FreeRepublic in 2003 during the Iraq War.
The enemedia keeps our military personnel's lives in danger by constantly telling people that they're fighting for a lost cause.
by RandalllFlagg March 23, 2014
A condition that occurs to males, usually after a night of sex. The male goes into the bathroom to urinate, and a paste almost clogs his urethra. The result is not one, but two (or more) streams are released. One hits the toilet seat, one runs down the male's leg, and one hits the cat. The toilet water is never touched.
I had to shower and change my pants because glue dick sprayed all over the bathroom again!
by randalllflagg July 27, 2013
When you accidentally fart and cough at the same time.
KC Fartcoughed yesterday, then giggled for a half hour.
by RandalllFlagg January 26, 2014
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