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womans pussy, cunt, southern slang for clit.
damn, that girl has a big lizard.
by randall March 21, 2003
redo; change; update; upgrade
Jestespawn needs to revamp his website as to not look like the copy cats Jared and Grant's websites.
by Randall October 26, 2003
when the dick is at its fullest erection,when the vein in the penis is sticking out due to extreme horneyness.
come here baby, and relieve this big "blue vein throbber".
by randall March 21, 2003
womans pussy lips so big they eat the seam of her pants.when the pants is pulled down to the knees and the pussy is still in them.
that girl's camel toe was so big it looked like two sides of beef hanging down
by randall March 21, 2003
To take a huge dump that while resting on the bottom of the toilet is large enough to form an island
That was a great dump; I just broke sea level!
by randall December 09, 2003
A gaming mecca for all those who hang out at Harvard Square to come and play computer games over a lan. commonly reffered to as AZ by the regualars
"Hey Randall, wanna go down to the adrenaline zone after school? I heard Arndt and Lee are gonna be there..."

"sure Noah."
by Randall October 16, 2003
the appropriate and necessary response after someone says something really stupid or annoying or if you just want someone to shut up because you can't stand their useless, nonstop jibber jabber any longer. coined for the intolerable sam meyers
sam: "blah blah blah i'm so cool blah blah blah i live in DC and go to bars and hit on 15 yr olds blah blah blah i am in love with the uc president blah blah blah i go to galas blah blah i heart pirates blah blah blah i want to live in cotton plant blah blah blah i drunk dialed my mom blah blah blah..."

dani: "SHUT UP MEYERS!!!!!!"
by randall November 06, 2004
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