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Like beer pong, but instead of using 10 cups, you use 120 sups, instead of 2 poeple on a team there are 4, and instead of 2 beers, you use 36. A game can take up to 3 hours
We played a game century pong last night that took forever and came home wasted.
by Randall October 19, 2004
A person who suffers from plume butt often. This is usually the result of repeated anal sex.
That fag Joey is a plume butt.
by Randall March 13, 2005
Extremely GAY male who openly displays his gayness with freakishly GAY attire.
Look at that Funky Butt Pirate wearing that Gay green and white feather boa and a hot pink shirt with nut cutting khaki shorts. I'm sure he's a plume butt.
by Randall March 13, 2005
A type of fabric cover used on futons to prevent leaking of bodily fluids on the cushion during sexual intercourse.
My roommate bought a futondom last week so he and his girlfriend could have sex on the futon without getting spooge on it.
by Randall November 01, 2004
The truest word in the dictionary, it means ur a true one, it also means "hello" in a boaterized way
Halaw bertit cacaw!
by Randall December 27, 2003
A game in which two extremely bored people toss a hat on to each others heads. One person sits on a lofted bed while the other sits in a chair or on a coffee table. Lump is achieved after one person manages to toss the hat onto the head of the other person. Origins go back to 2004 A.D. after Cool Kyle gave a lame definition of the word lump as a smell of two people in the process of making out.
Zach and Randy played lump after Cool Kyle gave a dumb example of the word.
by Randall November 22, 2004
When some dude is about to fucking rail you in the ass, but you slide your hand in at the last second to block the cock!
He ripped off my pants and bent me over, but I pulled a cock block.
by Randall March 05, 2005

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