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The act of caw-ing like an injured bird.
Welcome to Z103 The Caw... CACAW!!!
by Paradigm February 23, 2008
A noise used throughout the day to garner attention or silence a lesser being, often causes immediate arousal within anyone who has heard it, CaCaw

Can be accompanied with a flap of the arms similar to that of a bird or angered penguin
"excuse me miss?"



"ooh whos the charmer that cacawed?"
by davy6733 January 09, 2013
Sound made by Phoenix Greasers. Used primarily as a celebratory cry when bowling juice has granted a strike. Secondary use as means to establish the location of fellow gearheads at shitty dive bars during packed psychobilly shows. May also be used as greeting, heckle or to attract crows.
Dex just got a strike!

by MissLois August 30, 2012
The suggestion of wanting to smoke a bowl or getting ones attention to smoke a bowl.
Dude did you hear that? No what was it? CA CAWWW!!!
by chunk1 April 11, 2011
(v.) When one is in distress and needs the help of the friends to have their back
When the men approached him, Ryan cacawed and all of his friends came to back him up.
by bull5chmidt June 20, 2016
something the dew yells when throwing an object often followed by victorious.
Dew - "ca-caw!"

KR - *catch*

Dew - "victorious."
by The-dew July 25, 2010
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