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A male who is more handsome than all other men, and more beautiful than most women, but still exhibits masculine characteristics.
Jason Mewes (Jay from Jay & Silent Bob) much like myself is very man-pretty.
by Raditude January 20, 2008
adverb. This phrase is used before an adjective that usually describes a person. When used it is often meant in an egotistical way.

Personifying an idea to describe oneself.
I'm Raditude, walkin-talkin excellence.

I am walkin-talkin entertainment.

McGuyver is walkin-talkin ingenuity.

Chuck Norris is walkin-talkin destruction.

You are walkin-talkin boredom.
by Raditude January 20, 2008
An object or act of a person that totally unarouses a guy. Someone or something that kills the mood. Something that makes you anti-horny. cockblock buzzkill
Rad: Hey, check out these hot girls on the computer.

K-Dogg: **walks by with buttcrack showing**

Rad: Aw come on dude, you're a boner-be-gone.
by Raditude December 07, 2008
A slang way to replace taking the the name of the Lord in vein. G__ Dammit.

Taking the name of a heavy duty truck, in vein.
Dodge Rammit, this sucks!
by Raditude March 18, 2010
The act of smoking Marijuana, especially at 4:20am or 4:20pm. A play on the police codes for crimes.

Has more significance if smoking at 4:20am or 4:20pm.
Friend: *walks in* Whatcha doin?
Raditude: *holds up bong* Dude, we got a 420 in progress.
Friend: Can I join in?
by Raditude September 28, 2009
When you have run out of marijuana, and need some more.
Raditude: Yo, we're code green here, can you hook us up with an O Z, for 90?

Dealer: Sure, come on by.

Raditude: Hey man, load another bowl.

Friend: Dude, we're code green.

Raditude: Dammit, this sucks.
by Raditude September 28, 2009
The dangerous but often fun mixture of vicodin and an alcoholic beverage.
Ah it's been a long day, time to settle down with a vico-colada.
by Raditude February 13, 2011

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