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The name of Weezer's seventh album.

A rad or tubular demeanor or state of being.
Rivers: "Brian, you're sassy."

Brian: "It's called my raditude, Rivers. Dig?"

Scott: "OH YEAH!"
by madkowz August 18, 2009
the new weezer album, featuring "I Want You To" "Trippin on the Freeway" among other cool songs like "Love is the Answer" which is kind of like the beatles in style and message. really awesome album
Have you picked up the new Weezer cd Raditude?
by flappy balls May 20, 2010
Having the right state of mind to be able to efficiently use the word "radical".
Joe: Radical!!
Zach: Joe, don't use that word man. You dont have the raditude for it.
by zaqataq September 30, 2006
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