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people who have recently acquired money and feel the need to show it off by purchasing flashy houses, cars, clothing and jewelry. Generally tacky.
I hate how new money our neighbors are, they think that it's necessary to have 5 BMW's just because they can now afford it and their 10 year old daugher has a prada bag... JUST BECAUSE...
by Rachel March 02, 2005
When the male organ (penis) is in an upward position normaly when sexually pleased or horny.
Wow man my penis is so much bigger looking when its erect.
by Rachel May 27, 2004
adj. Describes a person who tries to be emo but fails, or in other words, wannabe emo. Most wemo people listen to Good Charlotte and Simple Plan while taking pictures of their secretly happy selves in toques and unconvincabley sad expressions. A lot of wemo people DON'T know how to put on eyeliner and many of them sport buzzcuts. Tsk tsk.
"My life sucks. I have a wide circle of friends, a loving family, and roof over my head."
by Rachel March 28, 2005
Awesome beer that orginated in 1829, back in a small city in Pennsylvania, called Pottsville, it's the oldest brewry. thank goodness for the cave underneath the building. or their would be no Yuengling today. (because of the Prohibition)
Pottsville, PA..visit and take the tour of the brewry..
by rachel January 08, 2005
Tom Fleatcher is the main songwriter in the new hot band McFly brought up by Busted!
Tom Fleatcher co wrote most of the tracks on busteds album "A Preastent For Everyone"
by rachel January 21, 2004
a very beautiful singer/dancer from DC.
My favorite Mya album is Fear of Flying
by Rachel August 21, 2004
war started by George W. (Dubya) Bush
God help America, it's dubya dubya three!
by Rachel September 14, 2003
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