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243 definitions by Rachel

To be used as a term of endearment or used in a name-calling situation. Can be male or female.
Go to hell, you man-whore!
by Rachel December 10, 2002
1.) Someone is thining about you
2.) Someone wants to kiss you
Stop thinking about me.... youre making my nose itch
by RaCHeL December 06, 2003
different colored bracelets that are pretty and fun to play with in class. its fun seeing what your colors mean and joking around about it, but no one actually does it. 69s are pretty just because of the design.
"Someone broke my black bracelet hahaha"
"So what did you do?"
"Made him buy me a new one."
by Rachel February 10, 2004
Unconditional love. The love that God has for EVERYONE!! The love that put Jesus up on the cross to die for all of your sins. The love that will never die. The love that is meant to be spread. The love God hopes you have for everyone as well, not just for him.
Yes, Jesus, you know that I agape you...
by Rachel December 07, 2004
A horribly amusing insult.
Scooter is a fruitcake.
by Rachel June 06, 2004
a very beautiful singer/dancer from DC.
My favorite Mya album is Fear of Flying
by Rachel August 21, 2004
Hard to get along with, troublesome
She was in a very cantankerous mood, and would not obey
by Rachel December 10, 2004